Classic Continental Roast

A traditional Italian style coffee, roasted to a full chestnut roast, well balanced, with toffee and hazelnut undertones an easy going coffee, very popular suitable for all day drinking.

Cappuccino Roast

A medium to full roast coffee, bursting with flavours of liquorice and caramel, perfect for espresso’s and cappuccino’s, lots of personality, very versatile.

Supremo Roast

Medium roast coffee, complex flavours, lemony, toffee & peanutty, very popular served in as an espresso, or in milk based drinks.

City Roast

A modern interpretation of the classic espresso, roasted to a full roast,…smoky, liquorice, with a rich aftertaste, wonderful in any drink, great coffee for all occasions.


A full body coffee, complex in flavours, rich in taste, wonderful in character, lemony, with slight butterscotch undertones, ideal in all drinks.


One bean, one roast, its beauty, its simplicity, medium roasted, butterscotch & hazelnut undertones, with medium acidity, perfect for all day drinking.



city roast


classic continental




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