About the Grinder

No more than one day — after that they will be stale and should be discarded.

No more than one hour is recommended

After grinding approximately 500 kilos of coffee or every 6-9 months.

Yes — the grinder needs resetting every time the bean is changed to ensure the correct grind for that particular bean.

Several factors can affect the grind of the coffee during the day therefore, the extraction time should be checked several times per day and if it is too long or too short, the grinder weekly cleaning procedure

About the Espresso Machine

Yes — you can use any group handle in any group head.

No definitely not. Only ever use the double group handle with two coffee shots.

Yes you can if you wish. If you leave it switched on it uses some power. Over night however, the machine does not have to warm up from cold the following morning which can take about 30 minutes.

No definitely not — there is much inconsistency in milk. You need to use full fat milk however even then, there can be a great difference between brands and also, the same brand can exhibit different characteristics at different times. It is advisable to find a brand that you are happy with and stick to that.