Plantation Tea

Great tea deserves to be served the right way!

At Italian Aroma Coffee we are as passionate about our tea as our coffee. To celebrate we created our very own Plantation tea using the finest loose leaf teas & infusions, packed inside our branded biodegradable silk pyramid tea bags producing a great loose leaf tea, time after time.

2 x cup stackable tea pots with stainless steal brew chambers, ideal for our plantation tea finest teas, and fruit infusions.

Choice of colors, please ask for details.


Our range comes in branded pyramid bags which are displayed in sealable glass jars. They not only look great but keeps the flavoured locked in. Refills are supplied in sealable packs. Our full range of tea is on display in our showroom, so pop in to sample the unique flavours – Red Berry Splash is a firm favourite!

Our flavours include

Scottish Brew

St George’s Brew

China Green

Mojito Mint

Camomile Flowers

Mr Grey

Red Berry Splash

Lemon & Ginger


Passion Fruit & Orange



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